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Chinese New Year Cookies

Celebrate Prosperity and Sweet Beginnings with Passion For Desserts this Chinese New Year. Explore our exquisite Chinese New Year cookies collection, blending traditional flavors with modern flair. Indulge in symbolic treats that bring joy and prosperity to your festivities. Elevate your Lunar New Year with our handcrafted cookies—wishing you sweetness and abundance in the Year of 2024.

Chinese New Year DIY Cookie Decorating Kit


Lunar Chinese New Year of the Dragon 2024 - Assorted Cookie Boxes


Welcoming the Chinese New Year with Sweet And Delicious Cookies

At Passion For Desserts, we're excited to usher in the Chinese New Year with a delectable fusion of traditional flavors and contemporary twists. Our Chinese New Year collection is a celebration of sweetness, symbolizing prosperity, joy, and good fortune.

Signature Treats for the Festive Season:

Explore our handpicked selection of festive delights, each crafted with precision and a touch of festive spirit. Our auspiciously shaped cookies are a perfect blend of tradition and innovation at Chinese New Year.

Symbolic Flavors to Delight Your Palate:

Indulge in flavors that pay homage to Chinese culinary traditions. Savor the richness of red bean, the nuttiness of sesame, and the fragrant notes of mandarin orange. Our treats are not just desserts; they're a journey through the symbolic tastes of the Lunar New Year.

Gifts of Prosperity:

Share the joy of the season by gifting our Chinese New Year treats to your loved ones. Whether it's a beautifully packaged assortment of symbolic cookies or auspicious treats, our desserts make for thoughtful and meaningful gifts, conveying wishes of prosperity and happiness.

Customize Your Celebrations:

Tailor your Chinese New Year celebration with our customizable options. Personalize your cookies with special messages or choose from a variety of packaging designs to enhance the festive spirit. Our commitment to detail ensures that your celebrations are as unique as they are delicious.

Fortune in Every Bite:

As you embark on the Year of 2024, let every bite of our desserts bring you good fortune. Each treat is meticulously crafted with quality ingredients, embodying our dedication to creating moments of joy and abundance.

Order Now for a Sweet Start to the Lunar New Year:

Make this Chinese New Year memorable with cookies from Passion For Desserts. Order online and let our handcrafted treats elevate your celebrations. Wishing you a prosperous and sweet Year of 2024. May it be filled with joy, good fortune, and the delectable sweetness of our desserts.

What Our Clients Say About Us

a month ago

These cookies are delicious!! And anything you want custom made, Alxio and her team are on it!! Our little Ginger Bread Yogis were a huge hit with our students! At the end of each class we place eye cloths over their eyes during final relaxation and these cookies captured the zen state beautifully! Thanks so much! Looking forward to working with you again on another project. Peace, Cheryl

On Stage Cleaning Toronto

Amazing cookies. We are a cleaning company specialized on the film industry and after our contracts are done, we always love to give our clients a little treat to thank them for the opportunities, I want to say that every Netflix/Disney production we have worked on has been shocked by the deliciousness and detail of these logo cookies, I strongly believe these are the best cookies in the GTA. Without a doubt we will continue to order from them and leave everyone happy with beautiful detailed cookies (FYI the ginger cookies are amazing)

Neha Karam
10 months ago

I recently ordered cookies for my daughter's 2nd groovy-themed birthday and we had an amazing experience with this bakery. Alxio and her team had our order ready on time (a little earlier actually). The cookies were delicious and our guests thoroughly enjoyed them. I will definitely be back for more cookie orders.

Rina Fernandes
2 years ago

I ordered cookies from this establishment for my daughter's first birthday. The quality of the cookies were outstanding. All of our guests loved the cookies. I would absolutely purchase cookies or any desserts from here and recommend them for any occasion. The customer service was excellent.

Elvy M
a year ago

Amazing experience with this bakery. I ordered a cookie decorating kit for Christmas last year. Unfortunately I couldn’t pick up as the family was not well. Angela and owners ensured that the cookies were dropped off to my house on the day of the storm. Really appreciate the customer service and amazing cookie kit! The whole family had a great time! Thanks Angela and Passion for Desserts team!