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Corporate Logo Cookies

If you are looking for DELICIOUS, FASTLY DELIVERED, BEST VISUAL, from an established experienced supplier, you need US!

Passion for Desserts’ main specialty is Logo Cookies. We are a high-quality and experienced manufacturer of Logo Cookies that are unique, delicious and visually appealing. We use different technologies, such as edible printing for complex logos and pure-icing techniques for simpler one or two-tone logos. Both methods produce spectacular results. We consistently deliver a high-quality, delicious and beautifully packaged product that exceeds your expectations.

We invite you to request a sample, if you would like to view and taste the product before placing a large order. We are always happy to send samples as we know it helps in the decision making process. We guarantee your satisfaction in both visual look and taste. Our Vanilla shortbread and Gingerbread cookies are scrumptiously delicious and have no competitor!

Our team collaborates with you to design the product best suited for your event or occasion. We guarantee that your unique requests are accommodated to fit your needs. We pay close attention to detail during the production of a logo cookie, ensuring that your brand guidelines are accurately and carefully taken into account. If you have a large project that involves delivery across Canada, we can coordinate shipping to all locations directly from our bakery. If the boxes need to have additional materials from your company, we can coordinate that as well. We partner with a couple of professional courier and shipping companies in Toronto that always deliver our customer’s products successfully and in a timely manner.

Over the years, we have developed a highly efficient production process that provides a seamless and satisfying experience for our corporate customers. We are not just a supplier, we are a partner!

Our ultimate goal is for our cookies to represent the perfect Logo treat that customers can trust for all their corporate needs. A well-branded cookie can leave a lasting impression and be a memorable addition to corporate events, promotions, or gifts.

Our emphasis on high quality, consistency, taste, and packaging, combined with our utilization of different technologies and techniques, positions our Logo Cookies as a premium and exceptional product in the Canadian market.

We are the Logo Cookie partner that will get you the products you need, at the right price point and delivered quickly across Canada.

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